Find resources to help you achieve your goals!

Advocacy: Learn about your rights and the laws that protect them, how to advocate for your needs, find information on requesting accommodations, and learn how to engage in systems advocacy.

Information Seeking: Learn about using the Internet to find reliable information, gather information about Assistive Technology, and finding local and community resources.

Home Living: Connect with resources on maintaining a safe home, negotiating apartment living, managing personal assistance, and budgeting resources.

Relationships: Learn tips on building new relationships and expanding your social network, how to connect with support groups in your area, and how to manage relationships with your health care providers and Personal Care Attendants (PCAs).

Getting and Staying Healthy: Gather information and learn how to manage secondary health conditions, staying on tracking with your health, staying active, taking care of yourself, and cooking and eating well for your health.

Navigating the Community: Learn about using public transportation, identifying accessible public spaces and how to find your way around your community.


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